Frozen Custard, Exotic Teas And More In The Town Of Parker CO

Posted on: October 22, 2018, by :

Are you back for another taste of the town? You want to continue discovering the best places to eat in Parker, and I’m going to keep dishing them to you. You might as well know the top dining establishments if you want to dine out on the town. That way you are sure to find some great eats and good times as you pick a spot for your next meal in Parker CO.

Let’s talk Culver’s for a minute. Now I know it’s a chain restaurant, but let me just say something about this place. They serve frozen custard. Custard is like the best ice cream ever. And Culver’s happens to do these special blizzard like treats where they pack the candy in there like you wouldn’t believe. I tried a cookie dough treat from this place recently while on vacation in another state, and I couldn’t believe how much cookie dough was in the custard.

I definitely recommend giving Culver’s a try with your family. Then there is a unique eatery called Kurosawa Grill. Kirosawa Grill is one of the restaurants that you’re going to find on Main Street, and it’s considered to be a sushi restaurant. Count on a great atmosphere and superb presentation. The dragon roll makes the menu highlights, and well, you’re up for a great meal when you make your way to this unique restaurant.

Yuan Palace Mongolian BBQ is also a unique place to eat. Its location is 7555 East Arapahoe Road, and you get to enjoy all you can eat. The restaurant is said to offer a great meal at a discount, a good value. If you are a vegetarian, reviews mention that there is a large assortment of delicious veggies available. People say that the wait staff is great, and it’s nice when you get great service when dining out at a nice restaurant.

If you thought you have read about all the unique places possible for dining out in Parker, check out this next place. It is called English Tea Leaves Cafe, and you will find it on Main Street. Are you prepared to try out some exotic tea flavors? Management says that there are 125 teas available.

Whether you want to try 125 teas, get some great custard treats at Culver’s or check out the other two dining establishments, great food awaits. You and your family are going to eat well. That’s what you can expect if you dine out in Parker.